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POS Buzzer
Print Buzzer / Drawer Alarm

The POS Buzzer works as either a print or cash drawer alarm. When plugged into the back of an any Epson TM series printer it provides an audible alarm whenever a slip is printed (no cash drawer required). It can also sound an alarm whenever the cash drawer stays open for too long.

Print Alarm
The POS Buzzer provides a audible buzz every time a document is printed. It plugs into (and draws power from) the cash drawer port on the back of any Epson TM series printer.  A cash drawer is not required for the alarm.

Cash Drawer Alarm
When used with a cash drawer the PS buzzer monitors whether a cash drawer is left open for a selected period of time and an electronic buzzer alarm will sound until the cash drawer is closed. The POS Buzzer can also sound the electronic buzzer alarm at the end of a printed receipt. It splits the cash drawer port of the printer to support 2 cash drawer port connections.

 The POS Buzzer uses the  cash drawer (DM) port of the printer for its power and for its trigger of both cash drawer pulses. The POS Buzzer has a built-in push button alarm shut off option for the print receipt alarm function. Options are selected using dipswitches. Compact and easy to mount, these units are ideal for restaurants, bars, retail and other service industry applications.


  • Print Alarm
    • Sounds a buzzer every time document is printed.
    • Buzzer can be heard even in noisy enjoinments, and can be set from 1-10 sec in duration.
    • Printer powered, no software required
    • Supports extra external buzzer & external push button
    • Works on any Epson TM series printer, with any kind of interface. Replaces expensive annunciator interface cards.
  • Cash Drawer Alarm
    • Helps prevent till-tapping and theft alarm
    • LED flashing when cash drawer is left open
    • Splits one RJ12 receipt printer cash drawer
      port to Two RJ12 cash drawer ports
  • Connects to Epson TM series printers through DM port
  • Easy to install, no tools needed, Velcro strip provided for easy mounting
  • No external power supply needed
  • No special software required
  • Functions with all EPSON, Star, Citizen, IBM
    and other compatible receipt, kitchen and slip  printers



POS Buzzer Printer Alarm option
The POS Buzzer can sound an electronic buzzer at the end of a printed receipt. The POS Buzzer is ideal for restaurant kitchen or bar order printers and other service industries. It uses the  cash drawer port on the printer for its power. The electronic buzzer is triggered by the cash drawer pulse function of the printer. No cash drawer is required.

Two selectable options are available for the printer alarm.

Option 1: Alarm will sound for a selected amount of time (1 to 10 seconds) when a receipt and then a drawer trigger option is printed. The alarm can be silenced early by pressing the push button located on the top of the POS Buzzer.

Option 2 is that an alarm is sounded when a receipt and the drawer trigger option is printed. This alarm will stay on until the push button on the top of the unit is pressed. Note that an external push button can be installed onto the POS Buzzer if desired.

This configuration is available on most IBM, Star, Epson, Citizen and other compatible POS printers.

Printer and buzzer

Print buzzer configuration

POS Buzzer Cash Drawer Alarm option
The POS Buzzer provides retailers peace of mind with their employees. Thru selectable options, the POS Buzzer can notify employees with an electronic buzzer if a cash drawer is left open for more then a selectable amount of time (15 - 40 seconds). The electronic buzzer can be selected to stay on for 60 seconds or stay on until all the drawers are closed. Most IBM, Star, Epson, Citizen and other compatible POS printers support two cash drawers but only provide one drawer connection. The unique design of the POS Buzzer provides the retailer the option of connecting two cash drawers to one POS printer without the use of special cables. The POS Buzzer also uses the same RJ12 cash drawer port off the POS printer for its power. No external power adaptors is required.

The POS Buzzer also splits the cash drawer port of the POS printer to support 2 cash drawer port connections. The POS Buzzer has built-in push button and status LED.

Printer, drawer and buzzer

Cash drawer buzzer configuration

Simple Installation
POS buzzer plugs into back of printer

Configuration and setup


Connects through the cash drawer port


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