Beagle Hardware Buys POS Printers

Sell your used or surplus POS printers/hardware to Beagle Hardware.

We facilitate the displacement of excess POS printer inventory and specialize in remarketing this pre-owned or surplus new hardware across our global network of customers, VARs, OEMs and POS service/support companies.

Resourceful solutions matched with exceptional value, that's Beagle Hardware!

Beagle Hardware is always purchasing used point of sale printers. If you have available hardware from the manufacturers listed below, ask a Beagle Hardware purchasing agent for an offer on your equipment. Beagle Hardware will make you an offer based on current market value and will pay you up front for your available hardware.

Beagle Hardware specializes in POS printer hardware from the following manufacturers:

  • Epson
  • Star Micronics
  • Citizen

Beagle Hardware purchases used POS printers that you may have otherwise paid a disposal company to remove or had taking up valuable warehouse space.

If you are interested in an equipment evaluation, simply call or email us for a prompt assessment and offer.

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