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Epson TM-T88III Printer - model M129C

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TM-T88III Support Information

Additional support information can be found on our main Support page

What kind of interface do I need or what kind of data cable do I need?
See our Interface Guide
Why use thermal printing for receipts?

Many retailers and hospitality providers today are facing new challenges to differentiating their stores and restaurants from their competitors. One of the ways retailers and hospitality providers are gaining loyalty is to implement new frequent shopper and affinity programs while improving customer service. In the course of successfully implementing these programs, they find it necessary to communicate the value of these programs to their customers.

Through the use of logos, graphics, and barcode printing on their POS receipts, coupons, voids and sales specials can be highlighted showing customers have much they've saved. Also, the use of logos and graphics enables brand incorporation on receipts. Thermal printing is super fast, increasing customer throughput. It's also virtually silent and will not distract customers, especially in retail and hospitality environments where maintaining a quiet atmosphere is important to your business.

Isn't thermal printing expensive?

Traditionally thermal printing was expensive. However, the wide adoption of thermal printing has substantially reduced the cost of thermal receipt paper and made it readily available. Thermal printing eliminates the need for other consumables such as ink or ribbons, reducing overhead costs.

Won't the use of barcodes increase the time to print?

By using thermal printers with the ability to print two color receipts, some retailers will be able to eliminate separate printers being utilized at the POS to print coupons. This will result not only in a reduction in their costs, but will provide a fast and efficient way of giving their customers all of their receipts and coupons in one operation. In addition, retailers will find that by eliminating any additional printers they're able to reclaim valuable counter top space.

Won't the use of color and graphics increase the time for my customer to check out?

No, the printing speed of the new EPSON TM-T88III has been increased by 25% over the TM-T88II printer, and the TM-T88III has NV RAM for storing frequently used logos and graphics so receipt printing is not slowed down. This will result in a reduction of retailer costs and provide a fast and efficient way of giving customers all of their receipts and coupons in one operation.

Will it be difficult to use logos and graphics with the TM-T88III printer?

No, with the use of Epson's ESC/POSŪ commands, OPOS drivers, and a logo upload utility program, you or your software provider can quickly implement the use of logos and graphics with minimal effort.

How does thermal printing work?

Thermal material, typically paper or synthetic film, has a special chemical coating applied to one side to make it sensitive to heat. A thermal print head has a large number of tiny resistors, which individually react to convert an electrical impulse to heat. The heat from the print head on thermal material creates a reaction with the chemical coating to produce an image. The image is produced within milliseconds of contact and is normally black in color. The depth and range of colors produced is dependent on the chemical formulation applied to the base thermal material.

What do the DIP switches on the bottom of my printer do?

Generally all switches should be in the "off" position. The DIP switches control baud rate (transmission rate), parity, and other functions. For a list of what each switch does, please see our TM-T88 support page

Where do I get Windows drivers for this printer?
See here.

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